for Corona

As of July 5, 2023

General hygiene measures in all areas of the hotel

  • Non-contact greeting rituals ( shaking hands, hugging, etc.) should be avoided.
  • Employees are trained on all protective measures and rules of conduct.
  • Disinfection dispensers at the entrance underground parking, reception and in front of the breakfast room


Additional protective measures in the breakfast room

  • Decorative items have been removed from the tables.
  • Breakfast buffet with one-way traffic.
  • Surfaces and objects, in particular table surfaces, armrests, door handles and light switches, are cleaned appropriately immediately after soiling and regularly at specified intervals if they are touched frequently.
  • The dishes and cutlery used by the guests are washed with a detergent containing surfactants and temperature of at least 60 degrees.
  • All given possibilities of ventilation of all premises are used.
  • Air filter cleaning with Plasmamade (see photo below) – according to the Fraunhofer IPA Institute, 99% virus eradication in 30 minutes – during the cold season.


Additional protective measures at the reception

  • Disposable disinfecting wipes will be distributed at check in.
  • Where possible, we point to digital processes.
  • Room keys, card payment devices, and other objects are regularly disinfected.


Additional protective measure on the floor

  • If possible, we try to allocate a separate floor to the cleaning staff.
  • Door handles, light switches, and handrails are disinfected.
  • Clean and dirty laundry are consistently separated.
  • Cleaning cloths and towels are thoroughly washed or replaced after each room.


Additional protective measures in the sanitary rooms

  • In our sanitary rooms, liquid soap and disposable towels are provided.
  • Door handles and fixtures in the guest toilets are disinfected.


Additional protective measures in the kitchen

  • All work areas are equalized and separated where possible.
  • All work materials are washed at high temperatures (above 60 degrees Celsius).
  • General hygiene rules according to the HACCP concept are observed.