for Corona

Status: 12.4.2022

It is possible that the regulations of the state government will be adapted to the changing framework conditions over time. Our hygiene concept is regularly updated on our homepage www.hotel-unger.de updated.


General protective measures in all areas of the hotel

  • FFP2 mask or medical mask desired.
  • Employees and guests who are or have been in contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2, if it has not been 14 days since the last contact, or have symptoms of respiratory infection or elevated temperature, are not allowed to enter the hotel.
  • Guests are informed of the voluntary protection measures by signs and notices at the entrance.
  • Guests should wear mouth and nose protection in public areas (reception, hall, breakfast room).
  • Wherever possible, maintain a distance of 1.5m from all persons present. This does not apply to people who are allowed contact with each other (currently 2 households). In case of violation of the distance rules, we point out to the guests. In the event of non-compliance, we may make use of our domiciliary rights.
  • Non-contact greeting rituals ( shaking hands, hugging, etc.) should be avoided.
  • Employees are trained on all protective measures and rules of conduct.
  • Employees are offered self-tests twice a week.
  • Entrance and intermediate doors are kept open as much as possible in nice weather.
  • If possible, the elevators should be ridden alone or only with one person from the same household. The buttons of the elevator are disinfected daily inside and outside.
  • If possible, payment should be made without cash. In case of cash payment, the money has to be handed over without direct contact (through a deposit area).
  • Hygiene guidelines must be observed: Hand hygiene and disinfection, sneezing and coughing etiquette.
  • Disinfection dispensers are available for guests.


Additional protective measures in the breakfast room

  • Decorative items on the tables will be removed.
  • Breakfast buffet with one-way traffic and disposable gloves, consumption in the breakfast room exists on a voluntary basis.
  • All employees in the guest area must wear mouth/nose protection.
  • Surfaces and objects, in particular table surfaces, armrests, door handles and light switches, are cleaned appropriately immediately after soiling and regularly at specified intervals if they are touched frequently.
  • The dishes and cutlery used by the guests are washed with a detergent containing surfactants and temperature of at least 60 degrees.
  • All given possibilities of ventilation of all premises are used.
  • Air filter cleaning with Plasmamade (see photo below) – according to Fauenhofer Institut IPA 99% virus destruction in 30 minutes


Additional protective measures at the reception

  • The reception counter is spatially separated by a plexiglass pane.
  • Disposable disinfecting wipes will be distributed at check in.
  • Where possible, we point to digital processes.
  • Room keys, EC devices and other items are disinfected regularly and especially at each shift change.


Additional protective measure on the floor

  • If possible, we try to allocate a separate floor to the cleaning staff.
  • Door knobs, light switches and handrails are disinfected more frequently.
  • Clean and dirty laundry are consistently separated.
  • Cleaning cloths and towels are thoroughly washed or replaced after each room.
  • Our minibar remains emptied for the time being, except for water, pilsner and coke. You can get the other mini bar drinks at the reception.


Additional protective measures in the sanitary rooms

  • Liquid soap,disposable towels, as well as disinfectants are provided in our first aid rooms.
  • Door handles and fittings in the guest toilets are disinfected several times a day.


Additional protective measures in the kitchen

  • All work areas are equalized and separated where possible.
  • All working materials are washed hot more often (temperature higher than 60 degrees).
  • General hygiene rules according to the HACCP concept are observed.


Signage in the hotel

  • General hygiene instructions at the entrance
  • Well understandable further signage with symbols
  • Disinfection dispensers at the entrance underground parking, reception and in front of the breakfast room